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FREE Dairy Unit Study


FREE Dairy Unit Study - Townsley Times
FREE Dairy Unit Study

This was our first unit study of the 2017-2018 school year! It was pretty intensive and demanded quite a bit of my own time due to all the kitchen activities, but my children are also barely kindergarten age, so older kids (and their moms!) will have an easier time than we did. It was still great fun!

In our dairy unit, we learned about how milk comes from cows, the process of bottling it, how cows live, and the many products that can be made from milk. We also learned about bacteria, culturing and fermentation, chemical changes and states of matter, fat, traditional storage of butter due to lack of refrigeration, and pottery.


Townsley Times - Traditional Girl in a Modern WorldUnit: Dairy

Number of days: 7 to 8

Subjects covered: math (M), science (S), social studies (SS), art (A), home ec (H)

Field trip: dairy farm or dairy processing plant

Subunit 1: butter

  • make butter from cream in a mason jar (M, S, H)
  • learn about butter crocks (also called French butter keepers) and that butter is a fat (S, SS, H)
  • YouTube making a butter keeper with clay (A; I originally wanted to make one ourselves but the difficulty of getting the two pieces to fit together properly and finding food safe materials stopped me)


Subunit 2: yogurt

  • make yogurt in Instant Pot (M, S, H)
  • make milk and water kefir (M, S, H)
  • discuss probiotics vs pathogens (S)
  • YouTube pasteurization, discuss pros and cons, watch videos of entire milk process (S)
FREE Dairy Unit Study - Townsley Times
Stirring kefir cultures into our coconut water. Smells a little funky.

Subunit 3: cheese

  • make mozzarella (M, S, H)
  • make cheese curds (M, S, H; you can make a DIY cheese press or purchase one if you want to age your cheese)
  • YouTube making a cheddar and making a cheese press at home (S, H)
FREE Dairy Unit Study - Townsley Times
Checking the temperature of our cheese curds

Subunit 4: ice cream

  • use our yogurt to make frozen yogurt in ice cream machine (M, S, H)
  • make ice cream in machine (M, S, H)
  • YouTube grassfed cows (S)
FREE Dairy Unit Study -Townsley Times
Making ice cream


We use the library, but I’m providing Amazon links so you can read reviews first and purchase if desired.

YouTube videos:

Please see my YouTube playlist “Homeschooling 2017-2018” for a full playlist of curated material for our unit studies as we do them! The dairy videos are right at the beginning.

Special supplies:

FREE Dairy Unit Study - Townsley Times
Our cherry chocolate chip frozen yogurt

Recipes used:


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