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Preschool Busy Bag with Pom Poms and Tongs + Free Printable

Looking for something to keep the kiddos occupied, or maybe something that teaches while building motor skills? Every homeschool mom of many needs busy bags for her toddlers and preschoolers.

Enter pom poms and kid-safe tongs! This busy bag activity teaches size order, colors, patterns, and fine motor skills. In addition, your child will learn to have patience, focus, and critical thinking skills.

We made these busy bags as part of a preschool homeschool swap. There are several swap groups on Facebook for this type of thing, although I think the one we did this with is no longer active.

This post was originally published on my old blog a few years ago. I have updated it a bit so I could post it here.

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Pom Poms

Begin with a half pound of pom poms from Amazon!


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Oooooh. Ahhhhh.

Other Supplies

  • the tongs/big tweezers. These are awesome. I bought the 12-pack since I was making 10 busy bags but they might have them as singles, too.
  • quart size ziploc bags. The sandwich size is a little too small and flimsy.
  • the full color printables available below – two pages with two busy bag activities on each. (You could print in black and white and then color the circles the appropriate colors. I laminated the cards. Alternatively, you could just print on card stock and skip the laminating, but I think they’ll hold up better by laminating them.)

Enlist your children to sort through everything if you are making multiple bags.


This involves making sure you have the right pom poms in each bag so all of the cards can be completed at once. The mixed bag of pom poms above was a crapshoot, so if you are making multiples, be aware that you may need to buy two bags. You won’t use anywhere near all of them, but to make sure each busy bag has the same colors, you’ll need quite a few of the colors you want to use. If you’re not doing a swap, it’ll be much easier and you can buy a smaller bag of pom poms also. Toddlers do tend to lose things, so the big bag of poms and the pack of a dozen tongs are probably a good idea either way. 😉


What busy bag ideas do you have? There are so many on Pinterest! Do you have any favorites?

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