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Stitch Fix – The Answer to Busy Moms’ Shopping Woes?

I have four kids. The oldest is six. That means I had four kids in under six years and my weight has yo-yoed quite a bit. There are lumps and bumps and saggy parts. I absolutely despise clothes shopping. Nothing fits right, at least not the things in my budget, plus it’s impossible to go try things on unless hubby can hang with the kids so I can go alone (he rarely gets a day off). The whole process is just frustrating and disheartening.

I recently saw that Stitch Fix was waiving their styling fee for a limited time so I figured, hey, why not, I’ve got nothing to lose! I don’t have to go look through rack after rack of clothes that probably won’t be my size or style or in my budget. Stitch Fix could surprise me with something awesome that I’d never find in a store, and maybe I’ll get lucky and something will fit well and not be insanely expensive. Is that asking too much? I hoped not.

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The way Stitch Fix works is that you fill out your Style Profile so the stylist knows what your preferences are. They pick your clothes, send you your Fix, and you keep what you like. Shipping both ways is free and if you keep all five items, you get a 25% discount.

Stitch Fix Style Profile

I made this REALLY hard for my stylist! You enter your height, weight, normal sizes, and your proportions (e.g., shoulders are broad, hips are narrow, etc.). Note: You can select if you are interested in maternity clothes, which would be a cool way to get clothes if you’re pregnant since in many areas, local shops that carry maternitywear are few and far between!

You choose how you like your clothes to fit, what body parts you like to show off or ones you would prefer to hide (to which I mostly put that I’d like to keep things covered as I dress very conservatively). The next page shows different collections of styles and asks your opinion so they can guage what types of styles you prefer. It asks what types of occassions you dress for, like if you go to cocktail parties, need business casual, etc.

They want to know how adventurous you want your selections to be, what style of jewelry you wear (if any), and what items you would like to receive (including outerwear, shoes, and various accessories). It also asks about prints, colors, and fabrics you’d prefer to avoid.

The next page asks about price ranges, then it wants to know more about you, such as your age, some true/false type of statements, and your social media profiles. I would HIGHLY suggest making a Pinterest board with styles you like! I wish I had done that and will be sure to do it for next time.

Lastly, there is a spot to add any additional info you think would help your stylist. I entered:

I am extremely conservative and typically wear skirts and dresses that are ankle length or at least to the knee. I am okay with leggings and a long top that covers my rear. If you send me jeans or other pants, that’s wasting everyone’s time. I am not flashy. I am nursing so tops need to be able to pull down or lift up, dresses would need to pull down so I can layer a shirt over it to be covered still. My tummy and love handles reflect my mom status, lol, but I’m definitely a pear, not an apple.

Make sure you are complete and specific with all your answers! You want to help them choose clothes you will love and that will fit. Otherwise, what’s the point?

You can also add a note to your stylist for each Fix. This seems to be separate from what is on your Style Profile. After thinking about the Fix and anything I could have missed, my note said:

Thank you, I know this will be a challenge. I am very casual so prefer knits and yoga waistbands. I’m okay with mixed prints but I just do not prefer to be loud with my clothing.

First Impressions

My Fix arrived the day before it was scheduled to. Woohoo for quick shipping! When I first opened my box, I saw lots of cute packaging, and I’m kind of a sucker for a nice presentation. Inside I found a style card that featured the five items in the box and suggested ways to style them. There is also a note from my Stitch Fix stylist outlining her ideas for me as far as pairing the items.

Stitch Fix, Take 1 - Townsley Times

Trying on My Fix

I started with the black and gray leggings. But I could not get them over my hips! I was so disappointed because they were just what I was looking for. I didn’t get a picture of this (obviously) but you can sort of see the floral pattern on them in the first images below. They were XL, my size, but they seemed to run very small! Maybe I’m just used to cheap material that stretches too easily.

Next I tried on this striped knit top. I loved the drape and it was part rayon. *drool* I thought it was very figure flattering. However, it was thin and too see-through. I could have worn a tank underneath, and I do typically do that in the winter (and I do the two-shirt method when nursing), but I don’t want to HAVE to do that in order to purchase a shirt. I’m too low maintenance for all that.  But I can’t go around with my bra outlined by my shirt (darn bumpy nursing bras). Sad trombone.

Stitch Fix, Take 1 - Townsley TimesStitch Fix, Take 1 - Townsley Times

Next I tried the purple hoodie. The material was really nice (part modal, which I LOVE) but this was not flattering on me at all! It’s much more sporty than I like, and I am not a fan of hoods. The length was good for if I was to just wear it with leggings, though. Definitely not nursing friendly — can’t pull it up, can’t pull it down.

Stitch Fix, Take 1 - Townsley TimesStitch Fix, Take 1 - Townsley Times

Next came a cardigan. I didn’t really want a cardigan (and expressed no interest in a blazer, jackets, etc. on my Style Profile), but again, the material was nice and it seemed to be well made. It is a nice length. But we live in Wisconsin and I typically wear long sleeves with a tank underneath, and add a heavy coat over top of that to go out. I guess I could wear something like this in spring or fall, but I just didn’t love it, especially the collar part (and there were no buttons, if I recall).

Stitch Fix, Take 1 - Townsley TimesStitch Fix, Take 1 - Townsley Times

Which brings me to my last item…

Stitch Fix, Take 1 - Townsley Times

Tom’s. Guys, I have wanted a pair of these for so long. But without keeping all five of the items, I just could not justify the cost. To be frank, with the prices being a bit higher, I really would need to get the discount for keeping all five if I was going to keep anything at all. With the discount, it still ends up being more than I would pay in a store, but the clothes do seem like very nice quality that would last and be super comfy, so I would pay the price they are asking with the discount.

Stitch Fix, Take 1 - Townsley Times

The Verdict

I ended up sending all of it back, but it wasn’t a total miss. They ask that you give specific feedback when you send things back so they can use it to improve your selections the next time, so I took some time to give details about what I liked and did not like with each item. I look forward to trying it again and will probably schedule again during spring after I make a Pinterest board for styles I would love to see!

You can try Stitch Fix risk-free, too! I think this service is a fabulous idea for moms who are not able to really get out to shop for themselves, if you are willing to spend a tad more for what you get. They did an excellent job getting the fit right, even for a lumpy and bumpy mama of four. 😉 They more or less stuck to my style requests, and I think that might be why they threw in the cardigan, since that would be a great cover for nursing. And the quality of the pieces is worth the price, in my opinion.

If you want to check it out, you can get your first styling fee waived if you use this link! You won’t have to spend a dime if you get the box and it’s just not for you. You also do not have to sign up to get Fixes on a regular basis, although I know some ladies like to schedule things out ahead of time. If you try it, I would love to hear if it worked out for you. Let me know in the comments!


  1. I tried it ….and I love it!!! The styles were what I had filled out on my profile and the quality was very good. They sent 2 dresses, 1 pair of pants, 1 top and a necklace. Unfortunately, the 2 dresses were about 2 inches shorter than I like to wear and the necklace was lovely but I really didn’t need a new silver necklace at this time. Since I didn’t “love” it I sent the necklace back with the 2 dresses. I wore the pants and top to church yesterday and got several compliments! Looking forward to my next Fix.

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